Skin Care

Beautiful skin is within your reach through one of our relaxing, indulgent facials. Wrinkles and blemishes can be a thing of the past with our award winning, spa exclusive skin care line G.M. Collin. Drift into bliss during a facial massage that will rejuvenate and awaken your skin. We offer the full line of home support to maintain your results and continue to work towards your skin care goals.

      • European Facial : $55
        Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, Extraction, Massage & Mask. One hour.
      • Mini Facial : $45
        Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, Massage & Hydrate. 45 minutes.
      • Derm Renewal Facial : $75 (One hour)
        Derm Renewal contains a high technology patented complex that results in deep exfoliation and cell renewal. This unique complex offers the full benefits of the AHA’s without the sting. It brightens the complexion, detoxifies, and lightens pigmentation spots.
      • Algo Mask Facial : $75 (One hour)
        The Algomask is a thermo-corrective treatment that creates a cooling effect on the skin to decongest, moisturize and diffuse redness making this a popular treatment for all skin types including skin suffering from irritation or dehydration. It contains seaweed extracts and regenerating silicium that provide an instant radiance effect.
      • Collagen 90-11 Facial : $280 2 Session Package (60-75 minutes per session)
        This exclusive highly renowned, intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically minimizes deeper lines and wrinkles along with tightening the skin resulting in the resurgence of a more youthful appearance. Ideal for fatigued and mature skin. It improves the overall complexion by stimulating cell metabolism and quenching the skin.
      • Hydro Lifting Facial : $340 4 Session Package (60-75 minutes per session)
        Experience immediate lifting and intense skin moisturizing with this specialized treatment. Formulated to exfoliate, deeply rehydrate, restore, lift, and firm the skin for instant radiance and enhanced skin tone.
      • Sea C Spa Facial : $360 4 Session Package (60-75 minutes per session)
        A powerful age-defying skin care system designed to delay the visible signs of aging and energize the skin. This treatment is exceptional for both pre and post-sun exposure. Sea C Spa reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone and illuminates the skin, thus restoring its youthful appearance.
      • Botinal Facial : $400 4 Session Package (60-75 minutes per session)
        Botox without the needle! An ideal treatment for people determined to mask the signs of aging. After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin appears visibly younger.